Wed, Sep 28, 2005
Mickey has Passed But never forgotten
"Last chipmunk I saw went right in

Mickey, "The Flower Child"

"Thumper, go get some more firewood. I don't want to lose the essence of this moment. I am on the precipice of some great thoughts."
Welcome to Mickey's Woods!

"Or was that chipmonk in this old stump? Boy, how many more hiding spots is Judy going to put in my backyard??"
Where ARE those caterers?

Mickey's guests- Bonnie, Thumper and Judy.
Mickey's Rocking Horse

Docks on Mirrors — Oakwood Lake

At 6:20 ayem this lake o if there is a lake o is a mysterious painting.
Fogged. No horizon. A tease of light from a sun.
Docks - three here - standing as if on mirrors, their shadows absolutely
straight and perfect No wind. No horizon. Only fog, shadows, mirrors.
Canadians heard on the northern shore. No -not THAT far north. Honkeys. Geese- An orchestral wind section deliberately off key, but warming up. Cows bawling. Why are they bawling? Are they being moved from this French painting? Cows, after all, have their place in French paintings.
A thin eyeball slice of the sun. A suggestion of a horizon, some black trees maybe.

A painting unfolding here.
Now I get it. This could be the same sun from Haleakala that painted Maui and Lanai. Could be, I imagine. Same brush strokes. Similar palate, Nah! This is Oakwood Lake South Dakota. What would the Haleakala sun know about this prairie place and the geese and cows.

Well, the glass mirror moves. Bug aerobics on the surface. A breath from the sun wiggles a patch of water. A fish breaks upward through the glass and crashes down on it with a sideways flop. It's a belly flop starting from the other side of the water. Patches of weed or algae paint themselves into the scene.
The sun is bolder, determined. The distant tree line strengthens. My pen casts a shadow here.
Mick's alert focus Jerks from fish flop to goose section to chipmunk noise in the shore rocks. She takes a back roll in the damp grass. Life is good!
Now back on watch. And so am I.
--judyh, august 19, 2001

"Let's go Judy. We have more miles to travel, moments to enjoy and memories to create."
My "biker babes". That time of year
has arrived again.

Mickey's Bisbee AZ friends with Jo the Boss. "Now gather around kids, and I will tell you the story of the great softball player from Carthage SD. There once was a blonde named..............."