Well, haven't seen you since the last ropin! How's that new cinch? Mine hurts like the dickens!
In the old days we got tied to trees, now its just corral boards.

Lacey & Cord Roberts
Bailey Tibbs: "I know I left that stiff rope in here someplace"!!
Carly Churchill
Cody Jones of Midland
Darren on his second horse.
Garrity, Jeff & Shane
Bailey, Lacey, Libby and Carly
Graham, Libby, Cord, Lacey, BreeAnna
Lacey, Heather Stoner & Robin
Kelly Tibbs
Bailey and Rusty
Kelly, Wendy, Cord & Bailey. Mom's taken a break to manage kids.
Don Churchill
Jeff & Cody
The Girl's
Willie Cowan, the best, cleanest brands in the country.
Amanda Hammer, Diane Greg, Shane & Willie
"Just wait till I can rope. I'll show them. Where's Grampa Willie. He'll let do some branding." Carly Churchill
We are very lucky to have such a fine gathering of friends and family from around the Hayes area. Our appreciation cannot be expressed enough.
Willie & Carly making smoke.