The Genetics
Careful genetic selection has been of utmost concern over the years, taking care to advance the foundation genetic base of the herd.

Foundation genetics are from Rito 707 of Ideal 533 70. The cows' average weight is 1250 pounds, wean calves 550 to 650 pounds, and must grow a calf each year.

Sivage Angus
Bonnie Sivage's Sivage Angus has been in the black Angus cattle seedstock production business since 1982. The farm/ranch is located on the rolling, mostly treeless, hard grass plains of central South Dakota 40 miles west of Pierre and 21 miles north of Midland on Highways 14/63 & 34. The 350-head cow herd graze summer pastures on the steep hills of Frozen Man Creek and the Bad River breaks.

Sivage Angus is a maternal moderate framed, 1250 pound average, low 1.89 lbs. birth weight EPD herd with weaned bull calves coming in around 625 lbs and heifer calves 575 pounds. Weaning EPD’s average 27.5 and Millk EPD’s average 14.9 on the mature cows.

The Sivage herd began with 40 highly maternal cows from Bud Severson, Clark, South Dakota, in 1980. A few Jorgenson partnership bulls were added for growth in the early 90’s.

The largely Rito 707 genetic base was enhanced with bulls and cows from B3R Bradely Ranch, Memphis, Texas, beginning in 1986 until now. Today, many of Minnie Lou’s bulls and cows can be seen setting a firm foundation under the herd.

Through the use of artificial insemination, carcass ultrasound technologies over the past 10 years, the herd has grown to be balanced in all traits, yet maternal for productive longevity. Only the most proven sires were used.

The Process

As fall approaches, the herd is brought home when the preconditioned calves are weaned, weighed, and prepared for their productive life as a cow or breeding bull.

During February and March cows calve on buffalo grass pastures located in the vicinity of windbreaks and barns for protection, to some degree, from the severe northern plains winters.
The Genetics
Cows and heifers are artificially inseminated with 80% of all calves born coming from only the most proven, high accuracy Angus herd sires selected from the Angus SIRE Evaluation record book.